Today Kumite has evolved into a challenging competitive semi contact sport that is safe for children and great fun for all ages. The Children’s Kumite syllabus is mostly geared towards Sports Karate Kumite.

Training for Adult classes cover all aspects of Kumite, reaction drills and blocking/countering drills to cover a broader range of techniques as historically the art in Okinawa was Te and techniques with the fist, foot, shin, knee, elbow and head were favoured along side grappling, throwing, joint locking and strangulation. Evidence of this is seen in the postures of Kata.


Not all Kumite training is limited by rules, however for safety, the standard way we spar in a general class has no elbow/knee strikes and attacks are limited to certain areas of the body in light/semi contact. The point structure for Sports Karate Kumite is as follows Yuko (1 point) Is awarded for punches, Wazari (2 points) Is awarded for kicks to the body and Ippon (3 points) Is awarded for kicks to the head or throwing an opponent to the ground, followed by a scoring technique. These are the current WKF rules (World Karate Federation) that we follow and are the most likely to represent Olympic Karate

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