The applications of Karate Jutsu are recorded in the Katas in response to:

  • Punches, kicks, knees, elbows, head butts, hand shoves
  • Shoulder, hair, lapel and throat grabs
  • Bear hugs, full nelsons, guillotines, headlocks and neck chokes
  • Tackles, attacks on the floor and being mounted
  • blank-face-blank

    Most of the applications and defensive themes can be taught for or in a Sporting Mindset i.e Kumite or Tegumi, but what if the opponent does the above with a combination of biting or hair grabs??? Having functional self-defence on the street requires a mixture of striking, controlling and grappling, some of these elements most people wouldn’t associate with Karate as they usually are not associated with Sport Karate ( Karatedo ). No early KarateKa prior to Karatedo would have over looked such practices.

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